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Choose Houston’s Trusted E-Waste Recycler: RAKI Electronics Recycling 

In today’s rapidly changing, technology-driven society, the lifespan of electronics is getting shorter and shorter. In order to make room for the latest equipment, companies are forced to make a decision as to how they’re going to handle their e-waste disposal. RAKI Electronics Recycling is here to make your IT asset disposal needs simple and affordable.


From modems and gateways to routers, hubs, and bridges, our team is fully equipped to handle the secure, environmentally responsible disposal of your outdated network devices. To that end, we offer white glove logistics support, pickup, and transportation services nationwide, so you don’t have to take time away from your busy schedule to handle your e-waste disposal. Simply put, we do all the heavy lifting for you. To get started with Houston’s premier e-recycling company, simply fill out the contact form and a member of our team will get back to you shortly to schedule a free evaluation of your e-waste disposal needs.

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RAKI Electronics Is Your Top Choice For ITAD Services

  • Almost 50 years of experience in e-recycling
  • Customized service plans, including white glove services, for all clients
  • Complete compliance with local, state, federal, and EPA environmental guidelines
  • Data sanitization services are completed to DoD-level erasure standards
  • No-cost e-waste recycling evaluations both on and off site
  • And more!

Network equipment or devices are the hardware used to connect other devices to one computer network. There can be a lot of these devices, which means there is a lot to get rid of when you or your company in Houston decides to upgrade. Raki Electronics Recycling offers the best in network equipment recycling. Call for a free estimate today.


  • Computers
  • Peripherals
  • Interface cards
  • Hub
  • Switch
  • Router
  • Bridge
  • Gateway
  • Modem
  • Repeater
  • Access Point
  • Workstations


The heart of networking equipment, the computers are what are tied together on one network so they can "talk" to each other. Businesses often have dozens to hundreds even thousands of computers housed on one network.


Peripherals are all the devices that go along with a computer, from keyboards to mice, headsets, and more.


Routers are network hardware devices that connect networks, often packet-switched networks or subnetworks, to the internet. They manage traffic between networks and allow multiple devices to use the same internet connection.


Another network hardware device that connects devices on a computer network so that these devices can receive and transfer data to other devices on the network. It uses a packet switch to accomplish this.

Let Raki Electronics Recycling by your go-to network, ITAD, and e-recycling company in Houston. Get a free estimate today!

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Safe and secure disposal of your network devices is only part of the equation. RAKI Electronics Recycling is also a big believer in ensuring you’re paid fair market value for your old IT assets. 

Better yet, we will get you settlement within 30 days, regardless of whether or not your items sell. Add that to our affordable rates, and you’ll have a level of value and service that’s simply unmatched.

For a full range of e-waste removal services, contact RAKI today. We look forward to being your e-recycling company of choice.

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