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What is IT Asset Disposition?

ITAD, or IT Asset Disposition, refers to the evaluation, refurbishing, and selling of old IT assets. Great care is taken to ensure data destruction and security of old IT assets. In Raki's case, we adhere to Department Of Defense level data destruction and security standards.

IT Asset Disposition companies can also handle large quantities of equipment. Data Centers, office buildings, and hospitals who are updating their IT infrastructure will often use ITAD companies to clear out the old equipment while maintaining client and patient data security.

What is IT Asset Disposal?

IT Asset Disposal is slightly different from IT Asset Disposition.

IT Asset Disposal companies don't typically refurbish and resell old IT equipment (which means you often don't get paid for your old assets).

They do follow the same data security measure that IT Asset Disposal companies follow, however.

Why Can't I Just Throw All This Old IT Stuff In The Dumpster?

Modern electronics have many different elements in their structure. Gold, mercury, lead, cadmium, barium, lithium, and dozens of other chemical components can be found in modern electronics.

Many of these are toxic and pose a hazard if they seep into the groundwater. With RAKI, none of your e waste will ever touch the groundwater, thus reducing both the risk of causing health issues and  massive environmental legal action that will come your way if equipment isn't properly disposed of.

Many rare Earth elements can also be reclaimed, thus reducing the cost of IT manufacturing.

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Secure Data Destruction

Our standardized process follows strict policies and procedures, with formalized checkpoints and extensive documentation to ensure that we provide a consistent, reliable ITAD solution for your e-waste. Our e-waste disposal company provides businesses all around the United States with IT asset disposition (ITAD) and data destruction with the highest security erasing practices. We offer flexible destruction options with both onsite and offsite capabilities for the destruction of your data-bearing media and hard drives.

Sort & Settle

Sort and settle programs give you the opportunity to increase your return on investment for scrap material. Our sort and settle services alleviate the processing burden of IT assets and other electronics. We will generate a settlement report for you and then issue you your return payment.

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White Glove Electronics Pick Up

Our white glove e-waste pick up services are geared towards freeing your business’ time, energy, and talent. When you can leave the heavy lifting to someone who’s qualified, competent, and is committed to offering superior service every step of the way, it allows you to rest easy and focus your attention on the things that matter. From start to finish, RAKI has you covered.

Raki Offers

White Glove ITAD Recycling

Dept of Defense Level ITSEC

IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Disposition


Raki Is

A National E-Waste Handler

ITAD Recycling Company

Nationwide Certified Recyclers

The US Go-To E-Waste & Electronics Recycling Company

ITAD Certified By Number State And Federal Agencies To Ensure Proper E Waste Disposal

White glove pickup services to global logistics assistance, count on RAKI for competitively priced e-waste recycling, data destruction, and other related IT asset disposal services.

RAKI Electronics Recycling is your one-stop solution for secure data destruction, IT Asset Disposal and Disposition (ITAD) and environmentally responsible e-recycling. When you have electronics you no longer need, RAKI is here to properly dispose of your e-waste.

We Don't Use Landfills And Your E-Waste Will Never See A Water Source.

RAKI is an EPA, ISO: 14001 and 45001 certified recycler based in Houston, TX. With more than 30 years in the e-recycling business. We provide excellent customer service, and always update our processes to meet the latest environmental regulations.