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Protect the environment

E-waste recycling helps to ensure harmful components aren’t harming the environment.

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Secure information

Data wiping keeps your information secure by removing it from the hard drive so it can’t be accessed.

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Use scalable services

Our services are all scalable so we can meet the needs of any company.

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Verify the process

DoD data wiping uses three passes and a verification process to show that the data was successfully wiped.

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    What is e waste recycling?

    Technology is ever-changing and ever-evolving and because technology moves so fast many electronic products and devices become obsolete, unwanted, or non-working in just a few years.

    Typically, e-waste refers to most electronic devices found in the home or office like televisions, computers, and cell phones. However, instead of "trashing" these electronic devices many of these devices can be recycled, sometimes even for future use.

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    What makes your e waste recycling process the preferred choice?

    RAKI Electronics Recycling operates in adherence within industry best practices and is 100% committed to keeping sensitive data safe whether it be recycling your old business equipment or securely disposing of your data. We meet and surpass industry standards thanks for our many certifications: R2 (Responsible Recycling); Certified Electronic Recycler; Operations are conducted under E.P.A., Federal, State and Local guidelines; Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ); Texas Solid Waste OSHAS 18001; and Certified Electronic Recycler.

    - Some additional advantages of using RAKI:
    - Competitive pricing with 20+ years of perfected processing systems
    - Evaluation (on-site or offsite) as a no-cost service to all customers: established and new
    - Guaranteed valuation within 2 business days
    - Always available for a pickup within a 100 mile radius of downtown Houston
    - Secure destruction and disposal of equipment and data in accordance with any regulatory standard
    - Committed to finding stateside solutions for your equipment

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    How do I sign up for e waste recycling with RAKI Computers?

    RAKI receives, evaluates, and recycles all of your electronic equipment and devices to your specifications, in line with responsible environmental guidelines. We offer on-site data destruction, quick pick-ups, walk-ins, and drop-offs.

    Our Process:
    1) Send us an inventory list or scope of work,
    2) We'll send you a competitive quote,
    3) We'll schedule a convenience time for pick-up,
    4) You'll receive a complete set of documentation for settlement.


  • Raki Electronics Recycling

    Finally i found a solution in my issue and RAKI computers reward me with a full refund for a faulty motherboard. I think that RAKI computer recycling, cares about quality and customer services and i recommend it for ebay byers.

    Leonidas Volianitis
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    Date Published : 07 Jun, 2015
  • Raki Electronics Recycling

    Been working with R.A.K.I for over ten years now. After working with multiple recyclers, they have been the best by far. They take care of all our disposal needs and also do the destruction of our hard drives. They have always met our needs, whatever they may be.

    Tracy Kujawa
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    Date Published : 07 Nov, 2015

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