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Top-Tier End-Of-Life Solutions For Your Electronics

You may not have considered it yet, but your old technology actually can be a major risk for your business. Confidential and proprietary information not disposed of properly can cause both you and your customers to become vulnerable. As long as the physical drives remain intact, the information in them can be retrieved. That’s why RAKI Electronics Recycling is here to help. Our e-waste disposal company provides businesses all around the United States (though our facilities are based in Houston) with IT asset disposition (ITAD) and data destruction with the highest security erasing practices. When it comes to cost-effective, reliable solutions for recycling your e-waste, trust RAKI for the best computer, hard drive, and all other electronics recycling. We are an EPA, ISO: 14001 and 45001 certified recycler with more than 30 years in the e-recycling business. RAKI consistently provides excellent customer service, and we regularly update our processes to meet the latest environmental regulation standards. We are fully certified for data erasure and destruction and are committed to helping protect your business as well as the environment. From our white glove pickup services to our global logistics assistance, you can count on RAKI for competitively priced, thorough e-waste recycling, data destruction, and other related services. You won’t find this level of service anywhere else. E-waste recycling costs are very low compared to the cost of a data breach. Contact us today to get a secure data destruction quote for your harddrives and other e-waste.

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Did You Know?

  • In 2008, the EPA created “Responsible Recycling Practices for Use in Accredited Certifications Programs,” or simply R2 (“Responsible Recycling Certification”). It is similar to the e-Stewards certification, setting standards for e-waste recycling for companies, and continues to become more and more strict. Don’t risk getting a fine. Contact RAKI to learn more...
  • R2 certified e-waste disposal companies, such as RAKI, follow rigorous standards and make continuous investments in best-practices to mitigate dangers to human health and the environmental impact that can happen when e-waste is improperly disposed of. Only consider working with certified e-waste recyclers, to ensure that all electronics are disposed of sustainably and securely. Help the environment and mitigate the risk of data breach. Learn more…
  • When you recycle end-of-life electronics, valuable resources are able to re-enter the production cycle instead of simply being dumped in landfills. Certified green, sustainable business practices is a major appeal for many of our customers. Learn more...
  • According to the UN, in 2012, an estimated 56.56 million tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) were put on the global market, with the vast majority of that ending up in landfills (only 12.5% of e-waste is currently recycled).
  • On average, it takes 530 pounds of fossil fuel, 48 pounds of chemicals, and 1.5 tons of water to manufacture one computer and monitor.
  • E-waste recycling is affordable (you can even make money, by receiving some of the value of your old electronics back, when you work with RAKI, and we do all the work!). We provide businesses with an alternative solution than items ending up in landfills or inadvertently having your electronics being illegally shipped to foreign countries with weaker environmental regulations. When that happens, we all lose out in the long-run. There are better ways to manage our e-waste. Work with RAKI to have the best e-waste removal and secure hard-drive destruction practices implemented for all your old electronics.

Work With A Certified, Guaranteed Sustainable Hard Drive Destruction & Recycling Company

Our E-Waste Certifications

R2 Certified


ISO 14001


ISO 45001

ISO certified quality management system e-recycling badge

 ISO 9001

ISO Certified

  • A secure chain of custody at each touchpoint during shipping
  • Regular pick-up and other on-demand services available
  • Receive a certificate of hard drive destruction after the job is done
  • All material is recycled; nothing ends up in the landfill

Create a Data Deletion Plan

Before you begin your data destruction process, it’s important to create a “sanitization plan” to ensure nothing is missed. Here are some things to think about before you begin:

  • Do you plan on reusing the data storage device?
  • Have you backed up/transferred all the data you plan to keep?
  • Do I need sanitization or complete physical destruction?

The 4 Key Aspects of of Secure Data Destruction

In order to ensure we’ve covered all the basis of data eradication, we’ve developed a comprehensive data destruction process to ensure optimal levels of security and accountability:

Erasure & Sanitization

We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure our clients’ protection. When you choose us for your secure data deletion services, we will sanitize your data-containing devices to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 and Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M data erasure standards.

Secure Data Destruction

At RAKI Electronics Recycling, we’ve made it our mission to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to end-of-life solutions for your old electronics. In order to achieve that goal, we offer thorough data sanitization services, so you can rest assured that your company’s private assets are protected.

To make things even easier, you have the option of completing your data erasure service on-site at your data center or by shipping your equipment to our certified facility. Either way, you can be sure that your drives will be wiped clean and your data will be protected.

Physical Destruction of Hard Drives

If your data containing devices are inaccessible, we will make sure they are physically destroyed. At our e-waste recycling center, we utilize an industrial hard drive shredding machine with the capability of shredding 500 drives per hour. So, no matter how many pieces of equipment that need to be destroyed, you can be confident we can accommodate all your needs. We are also happy to perform this service upon request.

However, if you’d like us to do the job on-site at your location, we have a mobile shredder that is completely capable of handling any hard drive shredding needs you may have.

Detailed Asset Reporting

When your data is destroyed, you want proof that it’s gone for good. That’s why our team takes asset accountability seriously and that’s why we create detailed inventory reports on all the assets received. At your request, we can include manufacturer, model, serial number, or whatever you’d like in our reporting. After your data has been erased or your hard drives destroyed, we’ll issue a Certificate of Data Destruction, so you’ll have proof for your records. 

What Sets RAKI Electronics
Recycling Apart? 

  • Nearly 30 years of experience perfecting our e-waste recycling process
  • Data containing devices are sanitized to Department of Defense data erasure standards
  • State-of-the-art facility with high-powered hard drive shredding machines
  • Full scale logistics and white glove services available nationwide
  • Free evaluations (on or off site) for new and returning customers
  • And more!

Destroy Your Data With Houston’s Trusted E-Waste Recycler

If you’re looking for reasonable rates, exceptional service, and data destruction you can count on, look no further than RAKI Electronics Recycling.

Get started today by contacting us and scheduling your free evaluation.


  • Nearly 50 years of industry experience
  • Competitive pricing thanks to our streamlined processing system
  • Strict no-landfills policy
  • Free on or off-site evaluations
  • Fair market value offered on your old electronics with value
  • You will receive your settlement within 30 days
  • Data sanitization carried out to Department of Defense standards
  • Logistics, white glove pickup, transportation is all handled for you
  • Compliant with local, state, federal, and EPA environmental guidelines


When you work with us, you can rest assured in the complete destruction of your data and the environmentally friendly handling of your e-recyclables. Contact RAKI today to get started with a free evaluation of your e-recycling needs.