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E-waste recycling certification ensures that when your company says it is sustainable, the word actually means something.

Compliance and information technology (IT) decision makers are constantly looking to minimize security risks, achieve business goals, maintain systems reliability, and increase user satisfaction. One key way to achieve all these aims is the implementation of company sustainability practices. From the C-Suite down, sustainability sounds great — great for marketing, great for the environment, great for the company. Yet, the goal of sustainability is, by itself, quite abstract. While the goal of sustainable business practices sounds excellent, it comes down to people such as IT Directors and Operators to actually implement those goals at a concrete level. When doing so, following the “SMART goal framework” is key, making sure company standards and processes are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound

One challenge that many IT professionals fail to address in a SMART way is how to deal with e-waste — a key aspect of sustainable business practices. Even more, how you handle e-waste speaks volumes about the values and goals of your company.

When it comes time to replace old PCs, mobile phones, hard drives, and other electronics, you have a few options to consider:

  1. Make repairs
  2. Donate older products
  3. Hire an electronics recycling company


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According to the EPA, nearly 60% of electronic devices end up in landfills. While many states in the union are passing e-waste regulations, others remain far more lenient. At the end of the day, it is up to you and your company to determine your sustainable electronic waste management plan in general, and what specifically you will do with your used, no-longer-need electronics.

Mercury, lead, freon, and other elements in computers and other types of electronics break down and leach into soil and groundwater when thrown away.

Environmentally safe e-waste solutions help everyone out... but they also make sense from a financial perspective.

For example, partnering with RAKI Electronics Recycling gives you the ability to trade in old electronic equipment before it loses too much value. Trading in equipment early means you get paid more. With adequate planning, you can save your organization up to 60% of the value of the old equipment. For example, if you’re recycling $100,000 worth of computers that work but are no longer suitable for your organization, RAKI deducts expenses and provides 60% of profits from it back to your company.

You can achieve these sort and settle savings on top of the other benefits of working with RAKI, including:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Logistics, pickup, and white-glove service available nationwide
  • Secure data destruction
  • Guaranteed nothing ends up in the landfill
  • Work with a family-owned-and-operated business that’s been in operation since 1991
  • Commitment to building a long-lasting relationship with your IT department
  • And more

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Minimizing Risk; Maximizing Value

In 2008, the EPA created “Responsible Recycling Practices for Use in Accredited Certifications Programs,” or simply: R2 (“Responsible Recycling Certification”). It is similar to the e-Stewards certification, setting standards for e-waste recycling for companies, and continues to become more and more strict. Working with a company with e-waste certificates makes sense for a whole lot of different reasons, such as to:

  • Improve compliance
  • Increase the security of your asset disposition process
  • Take responsibility for e-waste solutions
  • Sustain company values
  • Avoid potential fines and lawsuits
  • Apply International Association of Electronics Recyclers (IAER) and Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)-certified recycling processes
  • Improve asset auditing and tracking
  • Enhance public relations

Our E-Waste Certifications

R2 Certified


ISO 14001


ISO 45001

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 ISO 9001

ISO Certified

Businesses save money and build sustainable practices by responsibly managing e-waste.

What if you could improve your company’s bottom line, reduce business risk, and increase revenue all at the same time? E-waste removal services from RAKI Electronics Recycling, based in Houston, allows you to do just that. As a certified R2 RIOS Responsible Electronics Recycler, our company offers comprehensive solutions for the removal of outdated electronics, reliably eliminating your sensitive data and helping your business go green. 

With RAKI, you can rest easy knowing that none of your old electronics end up in landfills. We are here to provide you with ethical, environmentally conscious solutions for all types of e-waste disposal. Types of electronic recycling we support, include:

  • PC recycling
  • Laptop recycling
  • Cell phone recycling
  • Hard drive disposal and destruction services
  • Medical electronic equipment recycling
  • Server and network equipment recycling 
  • And more

Why Hire RAKI Electronics Recycling

Regardless of the type of business you manage IT in, you’re almost certainly going to be having electronic waste. From copiers to fax machines, technology becomes outdated and needs to be replaced. Due to the challenges of disposing electronics, it’s important to work with an accredited e-waste recycling company.

  • We know what is hazardous and what is reusable
  • We know about charities you can help, if you choose to donate your old electronics
  • Hiring RAKI saves you time and money
  • Using professional e-waste recycling services helps your company comply with legal guidelines
  • Working with an R2 certified e-waste disposal company, who also has other types of electronic waste disposal certifications as well, improves brand reputation, showing that your company pays attention to how you interact with and care for the environment.

Working with a reputable e-waste company is good for both the planet and for your business. Whether you have recycled bulk electronics before or not, RAKI Electronics Recycling is here to help dispose of your company’s used electronics — helping improve your organization’s reputation as a green business along the way. 

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Reduce Your E-Waste Now & In The Long Term

There are many reasons companies’ IT Directors and Operators choose to get electronics recycling services. Saving money, helping the environment, green business branding, and tax write-off considerations all weigh in to making the decision to get professional e-waste removal assistance. If you are seriously considering the benefits of environmentally friendly electronic waste removal and want to learn more, reach out to RAKI Electronics Recycling today!

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