RAKI Electronics Recycling is a family-owned business, founded by Rafael Bekhor, operating in southwest Houston, TX, since 1991. We offer local and national businesses the best and safest e-recycling services available. Because of our focus on individualized service plans and expert customer service, we have developed numerous long-lasting relationships with corporate IT departments nationwide.

Our state of the art 20,000 square foot facility was built in compliance with environmental guidelines at the Federal, State, Local, and EPA level, and we hold top-level industry certifications. Our warehouse is set on an acre of land, helping to ensure the security of your data and hardware throughout the e-recycling process. We also have a strict no-landfills policy, making sure that your disposed electronics are recycled rather than left to poison waterways and soil.

We encourage you to visit us in person and see our operations first hand. Take a tour, ask questions, and get to know us. Meeting with clients, explaining our processes first-hand, and addressing your concerns lets us show you the customer service you’ll come to expect in all your dealings with RAKI Electronics Recycling. We have 23 years of knowledge and expertise you can count on.

The RAKI Advantage

  • Competitive pricing with our over 20 years of perfected processing systems
  • Evaluation (on-site or offsite) as a no-cost service to all customers — established and new
  • Guaranteed valuation within 2 business days
  • Always available for a pickup within a 100-mile radius of downtown Houston
  • Secure destruction and disposal of equipment and data in accordance with any regulatory standard
  • Committed to finding stateside e-recycling solutions for your equipment

Get A Free Evaluation

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or call (855) 970-5140

Get A Free Evaluation

Fill out the form or call (855) 970-5140

Please view the following video presentation to learn more about RAKI Services, Process, and Qualifications.

We look forward to providing you with excellent service and a hassle free end-of-life solution for your IT Equipment.

Certified Recyclers

Electronics Recycling and secure data destruction is what we do. That’s why our facility operates in full accordance with industry’s top certificates and certifiers:

R2 (Responsible Recycling), ISO 14001:2015, OSHAS18001, EPA, TCEQ

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
(TCEQ) approved facilities
(Site ID Number: RN105745905 // Customer CN: CN603328360)

Texas Solid Waste Registration Number: 88847

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