E-Waste Recycling Services


Data Center Services – Complete Decommissioning, Packing and On-Site Data Destruction Service Nationwide!

Complete on-site services are available. Let R.A.K.I. handle the decommissioning, packing and logistics support directly from your data centers. With over 28 years of professional experience handling IT hardware, we offer white glove turnkey solution when it comes time to dispose of outdated hardware. Our techs are available nation-wide to perform data destruction on your hard drives directly in your data center before they ship out. As an IT Professional, time is your most valuable asset. Hand off all the responsibility, freeing up your time on more important projects. Everything will be handled with complete transparency and certified documentation.

Destruction Services – Complete de-manufacturing and tear down. Protecting clients proprietary equipment.

Your IT Equipment holds data on lots of devices, everything can be torn down, hard drives shredded and material sent to a smelter.

Sensitive equipment that should not be resold in the secondary market can be completely de-manufactured and properly disposed according to all Federal, State and Local guidelines.

Peace of mind for your organization data is never under estimated.

E-waste Recycling – R2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Certified recycling.

Holding the highest certification in the industry and yearly external audits to protect your brand and improve your sustainability progress. Fast turnaround time with customized reports per our clients internal needs. RAKI is constantly improving and training our staff to meet all the challenges facing new environmental regulations. The constant change in IT Industry equals constant update with
all R.A.K.I. Employees.

Sort & Settle – Customer’s best value with max return on IT Assets.

Is there value in your old equipment? You don’t have time to provide details. This is not an issue, your equipment is delivered to us and we do the research and give you the results. Our customers get a settlement within 30 days and no need to wait for the items to sell; you are paid based on Fair Market Value. We have a full team of dedicated techs, sales people and a vast network to get you the best return for your used hardware.

Global Logistics – Secure global pickups and transportation services.

Companies have many offices not just nationally, but internationally. R.A.K.I. understands and has the resources to handle pickups and complete logistics support to make sure your equipment is delivered to our facility securely. Knowing your equipment is secure and being handled correctly is the peace of mind you need!

Data Sanitization – R2 Certified Wiping Procedures. Hard Drives shredding service.

All hard drives are wiped and tracked. If the hard drive fails, for whatever reason, the drive is shredded on site. If you prefer complete shredding of your hard drives, no problem. Check out the video below…

White Glove Pickups – Full turn-key equipment pick up services nation-wide.

How valuable is your time? Having your equipment picked up and you don’t lift a finger. This option allows your old equipment to get out of your way and valuable space you need.

Detail Reports –Customized Inventory reports, Certificates of Disposal & Destruction..

What reports do you need? As you speak with a dedicated account representative, let’s talk about what reports your organization requires. Knowing this up front allows the transition from start to finish being seamless. Reports can be basic to very detailed. Let’s talk about your organizational needs!


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