R.A.K.I. Now Specializes in Servicing Cell Phone Manufacturers for Recycling

Posted on January | 27.2015 by RAKI Computers

E-recycler services the disposal of cell phone components and electronic accessories.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) January 27, 2015

If you are like most consumers, when your mobile device has reached the end of its useful life you likely throw it away in the trash. However, like all electronic devices a cell phone or tablet can be properly recycled. This is an issue that confronts not only individual consumers, but also the producers of these adored items.

The production of defective components is commonplace for mobile electronics manufacturers. These computer parts (and sometimes the entire model) are rejected during the multiple screening phases of the manufacturing process. Thus, the need for effective disposal of these materials presents the perfect niche for a company like R.A.K.I Computer Recycling.

R.A.K.I is now making efforts to serve this area of the mobile industry by offering its e-recycling services the manufacturers of mobile devices. The mobile industry also brings forth electronic accessories, such as chargers and audio phones that often make home in landfills across the globe.

“Cell phones and tablets are essentially handheld computers. The parts in them are just as recyclable has your desktop or laptop, so we figured the cell phone manufacturing sector is worth an active pursuit” says Jorge Marmol Business Developer at R.A.K.I Computers Recycling.

As a part of its aim towards the mobile industry, R.A.K.I also urges individuals to recycle their mobile devices in place of discarding them to the trash. In addition to corporate E-waste management, RAKI has served as an IT recycling facility for local residents of Houston Texas for over 23 years. During this time its residential clients often unload electronics that stored at home. There it is not uncommon for R.A.K.I to see cellphones and other mobile devices in drop-off batches at its facility.

Still, R.A.K.I feels much more can be done to ensure that hand-held electronics are properly recycled. Statistics show that the high turnover rate of cell phones is a major contributor to the epidemic of proliferating e-waste. According to EPA.gov a mere 8% of mobile devices are being recycled properly.

R.A.K.I Computers Recycling is a family owned E-waste management firm. Based in Houston, R.A.K.I has specialized in servicing major industries such as oil-gas, medical, electronic manufacturing and academic institutions throughout the U.S. for over two decades. For more information on your E-recycling options you can visit the R.A.K.I Computers Recycling homepage.


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