R.A.K.I Computers Recycling to Benefit from Growth in e-Waste Management Industry

Posted on October | 01.2014 by RAKI Computers

New study by Sandler Research shows that the e-recycling industry is expected to grow by 14.6% CAGR to 2018.

(PRWEB) October 01, 2014

According to new studies, global e-waste production is skyrocketing which means that e-waste management firms like R.A.K.I Computers Recycling will continue to stay busy. With the coming of the Digital Age, the turnover of electronics has consistently increased. Continuous innovation renders previous year’s technology obsolete, leading to the increasingly apparent issue of proper e-waste disposal.

According the forecast of the Sandler Research Institute, e-waste management will continue to grow as a heavily invested industry in light of the shrinking lifespan of today’s electronics.

“It’s too easy to toss our phones, cabling, and laptops into a dumpster. All of this adds up and contributes to the global e-waste problem” says Darien Harris, Marketing and Business Developer at R.A.K.I Computers Recycling.

The threat of e-waste leaching toxic substances into the environment has globally prompted the attention of governments and vendors to seek proactive solutions to safe e-waste disposal. The bright side of this is the job opportunities created worldwide following this increased focus on e-waste management.

Sandler Research Institute projects that this industry will grow by 14.6% within just four years. E-cycling vendor, R.A.K.I Computers Recycling, seems to already be coasting on this growth trend. R.A.K.I recently announced their expansion to areas beyond Houston, Texas. This expansion will include e-recycling drives to be held at local venues such as community centers and city halls; offering inexpensive recycling opportunities to the residents of the Houston and Greater-Houston area.

“As a part of our growth R.A.K.I is promoting e-recycling for residential areas” says Harris, “Our goal is to make e-recycling easier for everyone. If recycling more available and convenient we imagine that more and more people will dispose of their electronics the right way”.

R.A.K.I encourages community and recreation centers to reach out to e-recycling firms to host an e-recycling event for your local area. The public can arrive with accepted electronic items to be dropped off for free recycling. Such events hope to turn recycling and environmental responsibility into a fun experience for the entire community.

You can click here to view the September 2014 Sandler Research Institute findings projecting the market growth for e-waste management.

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