R.A.K.I. Computers Recycling Now Uses Department of Defense Standard of Data Wiping for All Incoming Hard-drives

Posted on July | 31.2014 by RAKI Computers

Houston recycling firm handles data security concerns with new data wiping technique and thorough hard-drive destruction.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) August 05, 2014

gI_59136_Hard Drive DestructionIf you’ve ever used a login password then you are aware that confidential information can fall into the wrong hands. This issue becomes especially troubling when your hard-drive can harbor personal material, valuable trade secrets, or credit card information. For this reason, corporations have a vested interest in the security of their IT refuse, and understandably so. The exposure of this classified data can cost them millions of dollars.

While protection of this information is handled relatively easily within the confines of corporate property, when it’s time to dispose of its electronic equipment, a corporation must seek a responsible and secure recycling vendor.

With 23 years of experience handling corporate e-recycling needs, R.A.K.I. understands why these entities and individuals alike have to safe guard their information. But experience is not their only tool; they are also armed with the prestigious R2 and ISO-14001 certifications.

The R2 certification was developed specifically for the e-recycling industry in order to provide a secure and sustainable standard for end-of-life IT and electronic hardware. R2 also defines precise and reliable methods of data and hard-drive destruction.

One such method now adopted by R.A.K.I. is the Department of Defense standard of data wiping known as the “3 Wipe Pass”. This standard mandates that hard-drives are cleaned of all information 3 times as an extra security precaution. This stands in contrast to R.A.K.I.’s previous single pass standard.

To take it a step further, R.A.K.I. also has a strict procedure for manually destroying each hard-drive. This includes individually removing all drives from their compartments, pulverizing the drives with a hammer, and then manually breaking the drive into smaller bits. The end result renders the extraction of any data impossible.

What we can take from this, is that data-security is a serious concern that should be taken into account when disposing of computers. Luckily, your secrets are safe with R2 certified firms like R.A.K.I. Computers Recycling which services corporate accounts throughout the Texas area as well as nationally.

R.A.K.I. Computers Recycling is a Houston-based e-recycling firm that has serviced the residential and business community for proper e-waste disposal for 23 years.

R.A.K.I. offers pick-up services for businesses as well as Certificates of Disposal and Certificates Destruction upon work order completion.

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