Houston IT Assets Disposal

When your commercial IT business or similar technology-center company is finished with its current computers and other assets, don’t just throw them out! RAKI Electronics Recycling, based out of Texas and headquartered in Houston, TX, can provide the necessary IT asset disposal services to help everyday businesses ensure their data is secure. If you’re a company executive, IT manager, or operations manager in the Houston area, learn more below about how our electronic recycling and asset disposal services can help you!

The Importance Of IT Asset Disposal

When your company is finished with certain computers and other electronic devices, you may feel tempted to just delete or transfer all the important files on them and then get rid of the equipment. But at RAKI Electronics Recycling, we know this can have disastrous consequences. We specialize in two areas of information technology: electronics recycling, as per our name, and IT asset disposal. When you choose to upgrade your electronic equipment and information storage, trust our organization’s asset disposal services to keep your private information safe.

This area of IT deals primarily with the evaluation, refurbishing, and selling of old IT assets companies do not use or need anymore. During this process, our experts carefully ensure all your company’s sensitive data and information is destroyed and cannot be accessed or compromised via the old equipment. In fact, RAKI Electronics Recycling as a whole adheres to data destruction practices that are the current standard for the United States Department of Defense. Essentially, IT asset disposal in Houston is all about protecting the critical information that your company needs to keep protected.

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Why Choose Asset Disposal Services in Houston

IT asset disposal in Houston is a step in the decommissioning process for company technology equipment that is absolutely critical. Everyday computers and other electronic devices cannot just be “thrown out” after they’ve been wiped clean of data due to the elements that are used in their internal structure. Elements like gold, mercury, lead, and lithium can potentially pose hazards if they’re placed in an everyday dumpster. RAKI Electronics Recycling’s asset disposal services in Houston prevent your company from accidentally exposing other people to potential health issues and environmental legal action.

Aside from these potential consequences, IT asset disposal in Houston also prevents hackers or people with nefarious intentions from getting access to your e-waste and possibly stumbling upon important information. Ensure everything on your old equipment is wiped clean fully and is no longer connected to your current IT infrastructure! RAKI Electronics Recycling is proud to help you in this area and to provide a unique opportunity to receive a return on your investment with sort and settle programs. As part of our in-house asset disposal service, we can determine if anything can be used for scrap metal and then generate a settlement report and return payment!

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Experience The RAKI Electronics Recycling Difference

Protect your Houston area office building, data center, hospital, or other business by investing in IT asset disposal services from RAKI Electronics Recycling! With our signature white-glove pickup service, we will ensure everything is destroyed effectively; however, if your equipment can be wiped of data and refurbished, we’ll provide your company with a portion of the sales. Experience the highest military-grade standards in IT asset destruction when you choose our electronics recycling company. Contact us today for free information and learn more about the benefits we can offer your company!

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