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Choose the best method

We have several methods for you to choose from.

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Plan for the cost

A range of price points enables you to choose one that fits in your budget.

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Rest assured that your information is secured

We use methods to verify that the hard drive data was completely destroyed.

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Protect your company

We provide a Certificate of Destruction that proves the data was destroyed through a fully completed process.

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    What is hard drive destruction?

    Hard drive destruction makes the information contained on a hard drive inaccessible. This is often necessary if you have outdated hard drives that contain sensitive personal information and proprietary or trade secrets.

    There are several methods to completely destroy hard drives. The most appropriate method depends on your needs or preference, but physical destruction is usually the cheapest.

    There are three main types of hard drive destruction that you can choose from -- shredding, wiping, or demolition.

    Shredding uses a process to shred the actual hard drive so that it can be discarded. This is ideal when dealing with huge lots of hard drives at once.

    Wiping uses special software to remove the information on the hard drive. The DOD wiping process uses three separate wipes to remove and overwrite the information so it becomes inaccessible. Software then verifies that destruction has taken place.

    Physically destroying the hard drive involves demolition. This type of physical destruction ensures that no information is able to be retrieved from the hard drive, and is usually the most cost-effective.

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    Is hard drive destruction expensive?

    The ultimate cost of hard drive destruction varies on the method of destruction you want, the number of hard drives you need destroyed, and the size of the hard drives. All of these factors come into the picture to determine the final cost of the destruction. It is possible to get volume discounts if you have a large hard drive destruction project that you need completed.

    Physically destroying the hard drives is usually the least expensive option. The cost per drive can range from $1.75 to $6 and includes demolition of the hard drives. Physical hard drive destruction makes the drive completely useless while preserving certain elements that have recoverable value.

    Hard drive destruction using the data destruction method (the DOD wiping method) is a little more costly. Expect to pay $7 to $12 per hard drive. This option is the most time consuming of the three options, but allows you to reuse the hard drive. Larger drives will incur more cost, but you can get discounts for volume.

    The customer will receive Certificate of Destruction as proof of the process being completed.

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    How to select a company to handle your hard drive destruction?

    It is important to select a company that is R2 Certified. This gives you the peace of mind that the company you selected goes through stringent audits to verify it's process by independent third parties.

    Furthermore, getting proof that actual destruction of your drives has taken place is key. A certificate of destruction should always be provided.

    Data destruction of hard drives is essential in keeping information from falling into the wrong hands. Your process should be decided based on potential security risks first, then cost!


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    After upgrading our system we had monitors, printers, old servers panels etc....I called two companies, due diligence, and RAKI promised to get everything out of my storage area whether they could use it or not - exactly what I wanted. They also provided written proof of destruction for the hard drives, exactly what my boss wanted.
    We are very satisfied with the service and followup. I recommend them with no reservation.

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    Date Published : 11 Nov, 2015
  • Raki Electronics Recycling

    After upgrading all of our units, we had lots of left over equipment gathering dust. I contacted a few different places but Raki was the quickest to respond, had the best customer service, and everything went smoothly. They did everything as they described they would and I knew I could trust them from the beginning. I definitely recommend Raki Computers to everyone! A+++++

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