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Environmentally friendly

E-waste recycling prevents hazardous materials from reaching landfills or leeching into water.

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Easy to use

The RAKI pickup program takes the stress out of trying to haul these items to a location.

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Secure disposal

E-waste recycling helps national security and protects your vital information if you choose to have hard drive destruction on items you bring to us.

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Economically friendly

Using recycled e-waste can improve the bottom line for companies and give the economy a boost.

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    Where Do I Take Electronics For Recycling?

    When it comes to recycling your outdated or damaged electronics, you should take them to a certified electronics recycler like RAKI Electronics Recycling in Houston. You can easily find out if a company is certified by asking if they carry and maintain an R2 certification. These companies meet or exceed international standards for recycling electronics in a manner that protects your data as well as the environment.

    One thing to remember is that old electronics devices should be kept out of landfills. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that upwards of four million tons of e-waste are finding their way into landfills. Due to the composition of these devices, they pose hazards to the landfill environment — not to mention that many reusable parts and precious metals found in processors and microchips are being discarded unnecessarily. Finding a certified electronics recycler is one of the only ways you can confirm that your old equipment won’t be a hazard to the Earth.

    Contact RAKI Electronics Recyling today to get a free estimate for your electronics recycling job.

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    How Does Recycling Electronics Help The Environment?

    Recycling old, obsolete, or damaged electronics helps the environment by keeping these devices out of the landfills. Recycling hazardous waste, which includes most electronics, can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. The water, air, and soil pollution that occurs when these products are manufactured are reduced because recycling means that companies use less raw material, which makes the entire process more environmentally friendly on both the front and back end of production.

    Even if old electronics don’t make their way to the landfill as they are, they still must be disposed of if you just throw them out. In some cases, this means that they are incinerated. This can lead to an increase in air pollution. In some cases, the improper disposal of them can lead to hazardous materials polluting the water supply in your community — something that no one wants to contribute to.

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    What Is Electronics Recycling?

    Electronics recycling is a responsible way to dispose of used electronics that you can’t use any longer. E-waste poses many hazards to the environment, the economy, and even national defense if it isn’t disposed of properly. National Defense Magazine notes that counterfeit components that enter the supply chain can cause security hazards. Responsible e-waste recycling minimizes the chance of this happening since resellers won’t be able to get their hands on the used equipment.

    Recycling old electronics is a process that allows certified companies like RAKI Electronics Recycling to get these items into a place where they can be refurbished, reused, or recycled. This can help to prevent used electronics from taking up valuable space in the landfills, and it can also help to ensure that new waste isn’t generated as older electronics stop working or are phased out — something that is happening at faster and faster rates.


  • Raki Electronics Recycling

    RAKI helped me to get rid of an old bubble screen TV and a few old computers. I feel good knowing that I did the right thing.

    Brenda H.
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    Date Published : 26 Oct, 2017
  • Raki Electronics Recycling

    When we upgraded our computers at work, we needed to do something with the old equipment. RAKI got us all taken care of and now we don’t have to worry about a building full of outdated equipment that won’t ever be used.

    Tramaine W.
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    Date Published : 26 Oct, 2017
  • Raki Electronics Recycling

    Finding out that I could have RAKI pick up my company’s old laptops was a blessing for me. They were all in working order so maybe someone else can benefit from using them if they are refurbished. If not, at least they can be torn down and recycled.

    Lindsay P.
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    Date Published : 26 Oct, 2017

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