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Protect the environment

E-waste recycling helps to ensure harmful components aren’t harming the environment.

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Secure information

Data wiping keeps your information secure by removing it from the hard drive so it can’t be accessed.

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Use scalable services

Our services are all scalable so we can meet the needs of any company.

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Verify the process

DoD data wiping uses three passes and a verification process to show that the data was successfully wiped.

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    What is Data Destruction?

    Everything that you do on a computer is recorded — and we do mean everything. Data logs, documents, and other information is stored on the hard drive in some way or another. Even if you erase the data, the information can potentially be recaptured by someone using certain software and programs. To combat this, you have to use proper data destruction protocols like the Department of Defense protocol. This technique of wiping data from a hard drive is the most effective way to protect your company and your data from those who would like to get their hands on it.

    During this data destruction process, the hard drive goes through three wipes, with software verifying each one. This ensures all information contained on the hard drive is erased and then written over or altered in a manner that makes recovery impossible. It's very secure but costs more than physical data destruction methods, which we also offer

    There are some instances in which trace data might remain on the hard drive after the wiping process. While that is rare, it is imperative to ensure the data on the hard drive doesn't fall into the wrong hands. If the data can't be removed using the DOD wiping process, the hard drive has to be physically destroyed to achieve complete and secure data destruction.

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    How Much Does Data Destruction Cost?

    The cost of data destruction varies greatly depending on the size of the job and a few other factors. Ensuring that the data on every drive presented is destroyed takes considerable time. Larger drives take longer to go through the wiping process. Even seemingly small increases in wiping time can add up quickly when you consider that each drive will go through three wipes before the process is completed. You also have to add the time it takes to verify that the drive is clean — the final step in guaranteeing that your data has been securely removed permanently.

    Because of the time it takes for each wipe, data destruction can be expensive. Generally, you can spend $7 to $12 per drive to have the data destroyed if you opt to use the DoD wiping method. In comparison, destroying the hard drive with a physical destruction technique is much cheaper. However, the latter method does not allow you to reuse your hard drives and may mean you will need to purchase new hardware. Make sure to know your game plan for the future and consider all costs before choosing which route to go.

    In some cases, discounts are available. If you have a large data destruction project that needs to be completed, a volume based discount can be applied to the total cost of your job. Keeping your personal records and business records safe is critical. DoD data destruction ensures that your hard drives are left in a like-new condition and if necessary, physically destroyed so no information can be accessed.

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    Find The Right E-waste Recycling Company in Houston

    Working with an EPA approved, R2 Certified E-waste recycling company is extremely important to ensure that your electronics are being properly disposed properly and in a matter that is safe for both your company and the environment. Proper E-waste recycling ensures that you are in compliance with local laws pertaining to e-waste disposal and protects your company from potential fines or other costs related to improper disposal of e-waste. Only ever work with a certified, recognized team when handling data destruction, computer recycling, or other e-waste disposal jobs.

    Recycling e-waste shouldn't be something that is disruptive to your schedule. Ensuring that the e-waste recycling company will do the job without making you lose sales or miss valuable business time can keep your business thriving while being environmentally responsible. That's why RAKI Electronics Recycling offers free estimates and a pickup service. Call us or contact us online to learn more.


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