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    What should I consider when vetting a computer recycling company?

    The first things to consider before making your choice is how long has the company been in business and is the company certified with the federal, state and local governments? What type of certifications does the company hold and maintain? RAKI Electronics Recycling has been in business for over 25 years and holds the highest certifications in the computer recycling and e-waste industry including R2, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. RAKI is an EPA approved facility and holds The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality permit as well. We make sure that we place a priority on both the secure and safe disposal of your electronics and data as well as the safety of the environment.

    If your company or organization is considering a long-term contract for computer recycling or other E-waste disposal services, call and schedule an on-site visit to see the facility and how the process is done. You can ask for a dedicated account rep to handle all of your needs.

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    How much does computer recycling cost? Do you offer a free estimate?

    Yes, RAKI Electronics Recycling offers free estimates to all of our clients, returning or new. For computer recycling, there are several factors that affect the cost of properly disposing of surplus electronics. This includes the type of equipment you need disposed of and the amount of it. The location of the equipment in relation to our computer recycling center also impacts the price.

    For businesses with a large volume of old electronics, computer recycling is a great way to recompense losses associated with new equipment purchases. RAKI Electronics Recycling offers reimbursement for the precious metals found in used computers and for good equipment that has the potential to be resold on the secondary market. Don't let your old computers go to waste when they can still help your business — let RAKI Electronics Recycling help you get the most out of your old machines.
    Call us at 713-974-2001 to get a quote.

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    Where do I obtain reliable information on a computer recycling company?

    Computer recycling companies need to be able to provide reliable information to their clients on how and when they are recycling responsibly. A certified electronic and computer recycling company should have all certifications and compliance information available to the general public. Visit RAKI Electronics Recylcing's compliance page to view all certifications, permits and environmental policy. https://www.rakicomp.com/certifications/

    Another good way to gather information is to go to the federal, state and local websites in order to look up the perspective recycling company.

    For the Federal government, the EPA website is https://echo.epa.gov/facilities/facility-search

    For the state of Texas, it is http://www15.tceq.texas.gov/crpub/index.cfm?fuseaction=cust.CustSearch

    Raki 2017 TCEQ Permit


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    Thank you as always for recycling our electronics. We’ve used RAKI Computers for over 5 years now to dispose of any electronics. They offer us a free service whenever we drop it off and we’ve also used their pickup service whenever we have large amount of equipment to dispose of. They have always been very friendly and professional. I highly recommend using their service.

    Joyce Cotrino
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    Date Published : 30 Oct, 2015
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    I had the pleasure of being associated with Raki Computers for over a decade. They have consistently performed according to our expectations. They incorporate environmental measures while recycling our hard drive, electronic and other equipments. I would recommend them for any company in Houston, Texas that wants to have a secured data destruction and recycling of their electronic at a right price.

    Sreenivas Subramaniam
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    Date Published : 10 Jun, 2015

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