Environmentally Friendly E-Waste Disposal You Can Brag About.

Let Raki pick up your e-waste and get a certificate of environmentally friendly E-Waste disposal. Then get paid for your old E-Waste.*

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RAKI is Accredited, Regulated, Certified

Why RAKI Is The E-Waste Recycling Leader

  • Maximum Market Value Returns For Your Electronics
  • 50+ Years Experience In Almost Every Industry
  • Local, State, And Federal Environmentally Friendly E-waste Disposal
  • Hard Drive Destruction And Data Sanitization
  • White Glove Pickup - We Do All The Work So You Can Get Back To Work
  • And More

Get A Certificate Of Environmentally Friendly E-Waste Disposal To Show Off


From pickup to disposal, we take all the work off your hands. Everything is done according to the strict environmental standards from the federal level down to the local.

Moreover, we never use landfills. Your e-waste will never poison the land or touch the groundwater.

Hard Drive Shredding & Responsible Data Destruction 


Our hard drive disposal and data erasure are done to the strictest Department of Defense standards. If the military can trust us to keep their data safe, so can you.

Convenience and customer care is our claim to fame. Drop off your drives, have us come pick them up, we do what’s easiest for you!

When it comes to electronics recycling, RAKI is here to give your business something to brag about. 

Whether you’re a local client in Houston, or out of state, we provide the same quality bespoke solutions designed around your unique e-disposal needs. Our value is simply unmatched.

*Subject to terms and conditions, including but not limited to age and condition of old equipment.