As one major player in the electronics recycling space closes their doors, R.A.K.I. Computer Recycling, a Houston-based ITAD company, stresses the importance of regulation compliance, eco-friendly practices, and responsible end of life solutions for IT hardware and equipment.

HOUSTONJuly 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Search “Arrow company,” or “Arrow ITAD,” and you’ll find a series of direct online ads encouraging you to move your end of life computer hardware solutions to a new provider. That’s because, after two years of aggressively growing the ITAD wing — or Information Technology Asset Disposal — of their company, they have decided to close their doors in light of posting successive annual losses in the last two years.


ITAD companies face rigorous financial hurdles in the form of local, state, and national regulations regarding the clean disposal of the hardware they handle. These regulations have been put in place by organizations like the E.P.A. to attempt to reduce the amount of mercury, lead, and cadmium — to name a few —  that enters your local soil basins and waterways.


Since announcing their closure, you can find numerous ads for companies looking to scoop up the ITAD business that will be available later this year from Arrow Electronics’ ITAD wing — called Arrow Sustainable Technology Solutions — as it sheds the burden of its financial losses.


We spoke with a Houston-based national service provider who claims to see more than just opportunity in the closure. “From a business perspective, this opens up a lot of opportunity for growth,” said Amit Behor, the Chief Operations Officer of R.A.K.I. Computer Recycling, “However, we also have some serious concerns about where that business will go, and how it will be handled.”


“Computer and electronics recycling services are crucial for the well-being of the environment, and much like Arrow Electronics, there are more companies out there that are focused purely on profit than they are on making sure that the toxic components of everyday devices are prevented from contaminating landfills, waterways, and soil in and around the communities where people live and raise their families,” said Behor.


The rush of ITAD companies around the country to gobble up the potential business created by the Arrow Sustainable Technology Solutions closure is apparent with a cursory Google search.


“Obviously, we don’t oppose people in need of ITAD solutions finding a new provider,” Behor said, “but we want to encourage people to make sure that they are working with a company that meets state and national guidelines for safe computer recycling and e-waste disposal, both for the benefit of the environment and for the long-term ITAD partnership opportunities that we have found many businesses are ultimately looking for.”


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SOURCE R.A.K.I. Computer Recycling