Austin IT Assets Disposal

No matter what type of business you operate in the Austin, TX area, it’s important to make sure your old computers and electronic devices are properly decommissioned and removed from the premises. RAKI Electronics Recycling is the Texas-based partner you need when it comes to IT asset disposal and general asset disposal services. Our team has over 50 years of experience helping medical labs, healthcare centers, educational facilities, office buildings, and businesses in other professional industries ensure their data is protected. If you’re getting ready to replace your current electronic equipment, reach out to us today for help in electronics recycling and to ensure your old computers don’t have the chance to harm the environment.

RAKI Electronics Recycling strives to be the global digital solution for anyone interested in protecting the sensitive data they handle every single day. Contact our team today to get started and learn more about our IT asset disposal services in Austin below!

Benefits Of Choosing Asset Disposal Services in Austin

Essentially, the purpose of IT asset disposal is to ensure your old computers and electronic equipment don’t have a chance to expose important company information, and also don’t have a chance to cause damage to the environment and other individuals. Due to the hazardous elements used in the construction of computers, these assets cannot just be “thrown out” like other forms of waste; they have to be carefully wiped of important information, broken down, and then recycled.

When your commercial company in Austin chooses to invest in asset disposal services, you’re protecting your best interests both in the short-term and long-term. RAKI Electronics Recycling can ensure none of the harmful materials in your electronic devices have a chance to contaminate groundwater or cause health issues for other people. Not only that, but the scrap metal and recyclable materials sourced during the IT asset disposal process can translate to more capital for your future business ventures. 

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What Makes RAKI Electronics Recycling An Excellent Choice

RAKI Electronics Recycling is the right choice for your IT asset disposal and general asset disposal needs because of the great lengths we take to protect your best interests. When it comes to protecting the security of your company and client information, our team adheres to military-grade standards; we operate on data destruction and security standards that are at the same level as the United States Department Of Defense. You can rest assured knowing all the files stored on your electronic device are destroyed and cannot be accessed on the device again. 

In addition to these high standards, our IT asset disposal company also holds several professional, top-tier certifications that properly illustrate the level of care we take in providing asset disposal services. Our Austin company is considered a Certified Electronic Recycler and operates in a facility that’s fully approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. When your business partners with us, you can expect all of the following benefits:

  • Flexible, competitive pricing
  • Maximum ROI for your e-waste recycling
  • White-glove pick-up services (both regular and one-time-only)
  • Full-service data wiping
  • And more!

Discover what we’re all about and contact us online to get started!

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Keep Your Company Data Safe With IT Asset Disposal

If you’re ready to get started with IT asset disposal services and to ensure your business is not compromised in any way, RAKI Electronics Recycling is here! In addition to providing you with secure data destruction, we’re also happy to enroll you in our Sort & Settle Program; this allows us to determine if your old equipment can be sued for scrap metal and to provide you with a return payment. Our white-glove e-waste pick-up also allows your company to carry on with daily operations while we take care of everything. Nothing we touch ever ends up in a landfill and everything is recycled to the best of our ability. Choose our IT asset disposal services now!

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